Isolated Floors, walls & ceilings (Box in Box)

What is Box in Box

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Theatrical performances, movies, studio recordings… are performances that can be easily ruined by external sounds and who can damage other performances in other neighboring venues. The best solution for a complete sound isolation is the “Box in Box” system. It comprises of 3 elements: Isolated floors, Isolated walls and Isolated ceilings.

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Isolated Floors

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The most important element for achieving a well-constructed sound isolation system is the flooring. Isolated floors are generally floated floors.

There are many ways to construct floated floors. Floated floors are easy and quick to install and they are cost effective.

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Isolated Walls

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Once the floor is constructed, the walls can be mounted. The internal isolated walls would be fixed to the external building structure. Apart from sound insulation, isolated walls help save energy cause they contain both heat and cold much more than conventional walls do.

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Isolated Ceilings

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To achieve a complete Box in Box structure, an acoustic ceiling is constructed.

Acoustic ceilings are generally suspended on drop rods on acoustic hangers.

The acoustic ceilings achieve amazing sounds insulations as well as design variety and lighting options.

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